I was presented a gentle nudge from my father the other day. He was reminding me of my radio roots and was wondering when I would personally do content pages on radio advertising. I literally were raised in radio (it was on every single room one's house) so have fond memories of times I spent working in the station. So Dad, as promised..here we go! 7) WARRANT A RERUN: Radio stations are notorious for re-running programming. The perfect segments can be re-run 2 or 3 times associated with same visit!

If you have a compelling and entertaining segment, you gets double or triple your original laying open. Plus, radio hosts get vacation day time. If you are a "best of segment" generally get re-run over Thanksgiving or Christmas, or some random week in May. In short, BE Incredible! The radio station - If you wish to advertise on the radio station with no listeners, it's going to a lot cheaper than a single with countless listeners.

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